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    May 19, 2013
    6:00 - 6:30pm EDT  

waiting for the big winner to come forward. power ball ticket sold in florida and another winner could be in virginia. a bold break in an arlington pub. why the owner said the thieves knew exactly what they were doing. one of president obama's top advisers defending him today as the white house continues to juggle with controversy. good evening, everybody. you are. there i am here. neither of us randomly up and quit our jobs and moved to a remote island or purchased it for that matter. so that means we didn't hit the jackpot but check your powerball tickets because it could be a winner. a food lion store in lorton, virginia sold a $1 million powerball ticket. that means someone hit all five of those white numbers but not the power ball number. it was one of 33 million dollar
winners nationwide. pretty nice. the search is on in florida for the big ticket winner. at publix grocery store in a small town of sever sever hill sold the powerball ticket. only 13,000 people live in the touchb. while the winner has not come forward, word is traveling fast. >> we didn't win please don't call. >> my friend said we better be nice to everybody. everybody in town we better be nice. we don't know who it is. >> the publix that sold the the ticket will get an $85,000 bonus. if the winner takes the lump sum option they will get $377 million before taxes. right now metro north crews in connecticut are removing damaged trains from the tracks after friday's collision. the train cars are being pulled from the crash site in fairfield and taken to a nearby rail yard. crews will work around the clock
to repair 2,000 feet of damaged track and overhead wires. that means amtrak service on the busy northeast corridor remains suspended between new york and new haven. the ntsb says trains were going 70 miles an hour at the time of the crash, which was the posted speed. more than 70 people had to be taken to the hospital after that crash. two of those patients are still in critical condition tonight. they knew what they were doing. that's what one owner of an arlington pub are saying about the thieves that broke in to his business early this morning. derrick ward shows how the suspects got in, what they wanted and got out. >> reporter: it was a typical busy sunday morning at the crystal city ports pub but the hours before were anything but typical. >> the atm was broken in to. got in the restaurant and took the money out. >> this burglary was methodical and brazen. there is no time whenouth 23rd street isn't busy even the early
morning, late-night hours when the burglary is suspected to have happened. looks like they came through a grass door of the business and defeated the alarm system and motion sensors and went for the atm and cut in to the machine to get the money getting aundetected. >> they knew what they were looking for and came right at it. >> staff went about putting in a new atm and there are upgrades to the security, as well. in his 19 years here it's been nothing like this. police say it is rare for crystal city, too. >> they said there was some incidents in maryland but nothing around here. >> arlington police are still investigating this robbery. derrick ward, news 4. a popular pizza place in old town alexandria back open after a small fire this morning. firefighters were called to bugsy's pizza restaurant & sports around 9:00 this morning for an issue with the restaurant's heating and air conditioning system. the restaurant was closed most
of the day until building inspectors gave them the green light to reopen. there's no serious damage and no one was hurt. time for a check on the forecast. look at the way we started the day. this is joint base andrews where president obama was boarding air force one. can you see him there? a foggy morning. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we got rid of the fog but the gray skies? >> little bit. we saw little sunshine from time to time. the clouds won today. no doubt about it but you probably noticed the south wind brought in warmer air and noticeably waerm humidity. the humidity and warm air led to one or two lonesome hours at the intersection of routes 50 and 301 over downtown maryland right now. on in the wider view that's the only game in the immediate metro area. more showers in to saint mary's county. temperatures warmed up today. low to mid-70s in the metro area.
as you make plans to get outside for sunday evening one or two showers and that's it. rain in southern virginia is coming northbound we will talk about what that will mean for tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. meanwhile, more than 100 people protesting in reston against the redevelopment of an affordable housing complex. they took to the streets to voice their op stoigs this project because they say it will leave more than 100 families homeless. news 4 is live outside of the crescent apartments near lake anne with the latest on this controversial project. mark? >> reporter: these apartments all around me have been home to hundreds of low-income families for years. but a new development plan here threatens to displace them and many people are fearing the very people this development was planned to help are in danger of having to look for new homes. >> the development would totally eliminate affordable housing for those that need it. which is certainly contrary to what reston is about.
>> reporter: fairfax county owned the complex since 2006. the majority of the residents here are low-income families. >> we love this community. we want to stay here. we don't want to move. >> reporter: with the construction of the silver line moving forward, this area is becoming more and more pop lampl fairfax county is close to naming a developer who will tear down 180 units now standing here and replace them with as many as 900 new apartments. while the new development will have affordable housing, many of the people now living here won't qualify. >> people will have to make about $63,000 a year to live here. they make $43,000 a year on average. we are talking 80% of the residents will have to move out. >> i love reston. >> we love this place and don't want to move from here. >> erica, i just got off the phone with sharon with the fairfax county board of supervisors. she tells me that she has signed a letter that is going out toefr
resident here next week that will tell them, in fact, they will be able to stay, regardless of that math equation that has many people looking on the outside looking in. she says they are committed to keeping every tenant here back here when the new development reopens. reporting live from reston, news 4. thank you. president obama's approval rating appears to be holding up despite a trifecta of high-profile controversies. what a week. new cnn/orc poll shows 53% of the people approve of the job the president is doing. in recent weeks he has had to answer questions about the justice department snooping in ap records and the irs unfairly targeting conservative groups and benghazi. today, mitch mcconnell called the irs controversy the result of quote culture of intimidation at the white house. >> the government should not be trying to intimidate citizens who criticize the government
from exercising their first amendment rights. that's what is at the heart of this. >> we have seen this play book from the republicans before. what they want to do is try to drag washington in to a swamp of partisan fishing expeditions, trumped up hearings and false allegations. >> reporter: the president and ceo of the associated press says the record seizure has already made sources less willing to talk to journalists. the president is trying to stay away from controversy if that is possible. we will hear what he told graduates at atlanta's morehouse college. also today, a somber graduation ceremony for students at hofstra university after new revelations about a shooting that killed a snun
hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership.
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stee steven shaw were killed in an exercise on friday. we don't know what went wrong or how they died. both were based in quantico. more than 7,000 runners crowding the streets of fredericksburg this morning. they say one of them was our own chuck bell at the marine corps historic half marathon. we don't have the video to prove it. we will look for that. we will talk about this when we come back stay with us for that. warmup that could bring storm chances your way. chuck's seven-day forecast is coming up next. stay with us.
if you tap in to that experience, it should endow you with empathy. the understanding of what it's like to walk many somebody else's shoes, to see through their eyes. >> president obama delivers inspiring words at morehouse college. he told graduates to focus on using their degree to improve people's lives rather than just to make money. the president received an honorary degree from the historically black all-male university. lmplt we move on to the hardest-working man in the business. he runs races. he gets here. he forecasts for you. >> that's right. i will tell you it was niechlts i didn't get the morning off but instead of getting up at 3:45, i got up at 4:30 to drive to
fredericksburg this morning. >> look at this beauty it is awesome. >> it is a very nice medal. you were asking if i ran in the race and the marines take handing out the medals seriously. and you have to congratulation after you cross the finish line. perfect running weather for mechl i like a little cloudiness and the mist outside. >> you like that when you run? >> better than 85 and sun nichlt 8,000 people participating in the race. congratulations to all of the finishers and thank you very much to the marines and volunteers that help all of this stuff happen. it was a lot of work. a beautiful run through downtown fredericksburg today past mary washington university. didn't make the stop at the don't tell mom tattoo shop. that's a good decision on my part. so many people came over and said go 4. and i wore number four in the race today and our honorary
celebrity starter wore number one and came in ahead of him, as well. 1:53:54 was my official time. not what i was hoping for but sometimes you have to take the finish and move on. outside today, what a cloudy day around here. had fog this morning. broke out in to a little sunshine. that's destabilize things a touchl we have seen a couple of showers, presidentially over prince georges county in to southern more movie. right now 75 degrees our current temperature. winds remain from the east at nine miles an hour. that's the reason for the low level moisture. the marine layer keeps coming on shore. 75 here. 76 waldorf and la plata. 75 culpeper. little cooler in the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. there's warmer air coming our way. be ready on monday morning. another cloudy, foggy start. temperatures warmer than this
morning. mid to upper 60s to get your day started. the fog burns off between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning. a nice day, warm and humid. chance of hit and miss showers and a rumble or two of thunder. upper 70s, flirting with 80 degrees. a little taste of summer is on the way for shumpl near 80 tomorrow. and then mid to upper 80s for tuesday, wednesday and mid-80s lingering in to thursday, as well. here's storm team 4 radar. not much rain in the city right now. you can see the steady showers in to st. mary's county. more where that came from across southern virginia. most of that will fall apart overnight. don't turn your back on rain chances. the all important seven-day forecast forecast, 80 tomorrow. 86 on tuesday. 87 wednesday and 84 thursday. little chance of evening and afternoon showers and thundershowers each of those days. just in time for memorial day
weekend, little weather front takes the heat and humidity and rain chances out of here. the high temperatures back down to the mid-70s in to memorial day weekend. great way to start off the summer. >> kudos and congratulations to everybody that ran and thank you to the men and women for their service. coming up in sports ryan zimmerman tries to dig the nats out for our families... our neighbors...
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big day in sports. hockey, basketball, great day to be a couch potato. >> big day of couch sitting today and we have some story lines to tell you about. harper is out with a disabled knee and desmond needed a day off. those are things folks are talking about in san diego. so far adam hasn't extended his 15-game hitting streak. johnson trying to bounce back. dan in trouble in the first. runners at the corners for carlos quinton and the smokes
one to left. cabrera scores and padres take the 1-0 lead. two batters later, 2-0 san diego. jed, the former west virginia mountaineer adds to that. and padres up 3-0. first runs by heron this year. top fourth ryan zimmerman. he gets on with one swing a two-run home run off of andrew, his third of the year. gets the nats within a run. in the bottom of the fifth, heron still struggling, already two runs given up in the inning and blanks makes it two more. his two-run home run put the padres up 7-2 and right now it is 7-3. by the way, adam laroche is still hitless so far today. orioles fans doing the wave the old-school way. taking on the rays. bottom of the fourth, o's down.
and adam jones steps up to the plate. he has a man on third and he laces one over the short stop for a single and manny comes in to score. ties it at one. top five, the former oriole luke scott. he's at the plate. scott looking and smackin' this one deep to center. oh, yeah, it's going all the way. a solo shot. third on the year for scott. rays take a 2-1 lead and win it 3-1 and sweep the orioles at home. it is tough to watch the rangers continue on in the playoffs, take heart, the next set of highlights will ease your pain or if you are rooter for them now it will add to it. the bruins took game one in overtime. rangers are trying toe venn the series. pick it up in the first period. boston on the move. on the left side, krug fires one in there. past lundquist. he is playing in his fifth nhl
game of his career. two and a half minutes later, callahan battles hamilton and puts it past tuck ka rask. his sec of the plachbs ties the game at one. to the second period. tied at two. johnny boychuk shoots and beats lundquist. bruins take a 3-2 lead and go on to win 5-2 the most given up by lundquist in a playoff game since april of 2009. could two teams be more different than the spur and grizzlies, the spurs are old and gray. the original big three. trying to get to the nba finals for the first time in six years. just speaking the truth over here. while the memphis grizzlies are making franchise history where every win. game one in the west. oen tony parker comes out on fire. he has barnd a long tiechlt conference finals and parker in
the first quarter, getting a two. the spurs up ten. game-high 20 points for parker. third quarter grizzlies trying to make a comeback and he finishes with that. memphis cuts the deficit to six. that is as close as hey g.e. ginĂ³bili, a pass to boern and drains the three. bonner, spurs make a franchise playoff record 14 three pointers. they roll over the grizzlies 105-83. >> texas pride. robert griffin iii is a busy man. he's rehabbing from knee surgery enplanning for his july wedding. we hear it is in virginia. so it must be to save valuable time that he decided to thank the folks who sent him stuff in the mail with a tweet. here's the tweet. he said thank you to all the fans helping to buy all of the items from our wedding registry
at bed, bath and beyond. #appreciate everything. fans found the registry on their own and sent him stuff without prompting. take note, he does not need anything. they are getting hitched on july 6th. he is, of course, all set for that. and he is only making $21 million with his contract. >> he is registered at bed, bath and beyond. >> i'm going to have to return those bath towels now. i don't think he needs them anymore. a little outrage from some folks saying why do all the rich people get free stuff but there are fans and want to show their love by buying him a can opener. >> that's all right. >> all right. yeah little taste of summer coming our way. no doubt. highs near 80 tomorrow. mid to upper 80s for tuesday and wednesday mid-80s for thursday with a little bit of a rain chance each day for the first four days of the week. just in time for memorial day
weekend we get the weather front through late thursday, early friday and high and dry for next weekend. have a good evening. that's it for the news right now. nbc "nightly news" is up next and we will be back on nthis su.
severe weather breaking out right now from the plains to the greake